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    A look at the concept of technical debt in tabletop games.

    The post Technical Debt Applications for Tabletop Games appeared first on Tribality.

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  • 10/04/17--05:00: Get to Know the Morrígan
  • Celebrate and rejoice. Tribality is now a threenager. It’s that time where we test boundaries, drive our parents crazy, and throw the concept of naps to the floor while kicking and screaming. Okay – maybe that isn’t true for the rest of the Tribality staff, and I am just projecting. Regardless, this month we honor Tribality’s third anniversary by focusing on the threes. First on the Performance Check docket is a return to the “Get to Know” series to discuss […]

    The post Get to Know the Morrígan appeared first on Tribality.

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    5e character backgrounds for members of the Bleak Cabal and the Fated Planescape factions.

    The post Planescape Faction Backgrounds: Madmen and the Takers appeared first on Tribality.

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    A Halloween One-Shot using the 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars system as it's base. Can our young students survive the Boatman? Let's find out!

    The post Return to Camp Adonis – A Halloween One-Shot appeared first on Tribality.

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    The history of ghouls in D&D is an interesting one. Since roughly the beginning of time – as counted by editions of D&D – ghoul paralysis doesn’t work on elves. Ghast paralysis – which has been poison in past editions – worked on elves just fine, however. Looking into the history of this, a lot of the commentary states Chainmail is the root of this phenomenon. Both Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons 5e have added their own lore to make […]

    The post Alternative Lore for 5e Ghouls appeared first on Tribality.

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    Halloween just ended, but here's a spooky short-story for your candy and liquor hang over. Enjoy the Ghost in Baddon Brewery - A Spooky Short Story

    The post The Ghost in Baddon Brewery – A Spooky Short Story appeared first on Tribality.

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    Revisiting the weirdly popular Thanksgiving archetypes options for the Feather Domain for Clerics and the Way of the Feathered Fan for Monks.

    The post Thanksgiving-Themed Archetypes, Version 2 appeared first on Tribality.

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    A look at five harvest-themed cursed items for use in 5e games.

    The post Five Harvest-Themed Cursed Items appeared first on Tribality.

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    A look at how D&D editions parallel the history of the WWE, and what we can learn from it.

    The post D&D Edition Expansion as Told through the History of the WWE appeared first on Tribality.

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    Death in D&D tends to come in two flavors: the salty tang of a total party kill (sometimes called TPK or just a party wipe), and the bittersweet notes of one or several (but not all) fallen comrades. If a party wipe occurs, that’s generally the end of that group of adventurers. If a party member – not the entire party – dies, the party either has the means to resurrect the party member, or doesn’t. As long as the […]

    The post Alternative Death and Resurrection Systems for 5e appeared first on Tribality.

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    If domain management daunts you, take a look at some RTS-inspired guidelines for module base construction for use in D&D 5e.

    The post Modular Base Construction in D&D 5e appeared first on Tribality.

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  • 12/13/17--09:35: Relative Moralism in Games
  • Before there was fire, there were Dragons. The fire brought heat, but those who did not possess it became cold. Life flourished, but so too did death become known. The mighty Lords rose up and found the strength to challenge the Dragons. Even with all of their Lordly might, they could the Stone Scales of Immortality remained upon the Dragons. Seath the Scaleless, angry and jealous, betrayed the Dragons who named him brother, and shared the secret of their defeat […]

    The post Relative Moralism in Games appeared first on Tribality.

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    A brief look at the best game - board game, tabletop, video, or otherwise - I played in 2017: Pandemic Legacy Season One, and what makes it so good.

    The post The Narrative Excellence of Pandemic Legacy appeared first on Tribality.

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    Today in Tribality we look at making 5e spell and spell book props for everyone at the table thanks to better living through scrivenery.

    The post Better Living Through Scrivenery appeared first on Tribality.

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    The first in an ongoing look at developing story and lore for the Far Realm. The overarching goal is to provide players and DMs with the resources necessary to make combatting the Far Realm and the presence of the Zodiac the central thrust of a campaign.

    The post Combatting the Far Realm: The Zodiac and the Celestial Sorcerer appeared first on Tribality.

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    A brief discussion of aberration history, a first draft of a druid archetype that would fit in this world of Far Realm vs. the Zodiac - the Circle of the Zodiac.

    The post Aberrations, Druids, and the Circle of the Zodiac appeared first on Tribality.

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    This week, we take a look at how barbarians might fit into a world where the Zodiac defends humanity from the Far Realm, and what role Dendar the Night Serpent plays in all of this.

    The post Dendar the Night Serpent and Path of Nightmares Barbarians appeared first on Tribality.

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    We delve into some Spelljammer and 4th Edition lore before jumping into our next Zodiac archetype the Zodiac Patron Warlock. Come for the living stars and blazozoids, stay for the oracular snakes!

    The post Living Stars, Blazozoids, and Zodiac Patron warlocks appeared first on Tribality.

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    Continuing the creation of the world of the Zodiac, this week we turn to bards. Bards of the College of Kindly Song travel the land, acting as judges for towns are rural people without steady access to a representative of justice. Of course, the bards are careful to always give thanks to the Kindly Ones.

    The post Singing Stars, Erinyes, and the Bardic College of Kindly Song appeared first on Tribality.

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    I’ve read a lot Neil Gaiman over the years. While I like several of his works a great deal, it’s easy for me to pick my favorite – Anansi Boys. Not only do I love the style and subject, it tells a type of story I simply adore. I’ve been hooked on these tales of dualism – both moral and spiritual – since I was a little kid. Ditheism featured prominently in the live-action game I co-piloted with the estimable Brandes […]

    The post Bitheism, Clerics, and the Service Domain appeared first on Tribality.

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